The Adventures of Toby and Wilbur Complete Short Story Collection

Trouble delights in following Toby and Wilbur around. These two delightful bears drift from one adventure to another in these surprising and funny bear stories.
These nine great short stories about Toby and Wilbur’s funny adventures in the forests of Indiana will captive and amuse you.
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Ten Tales for the Campfire

Ten creepy, scary dark fantasy short stories that will turn you blood to ice.
The hour is getting late. A fire crackles and pops and the group huddles together closer to the fire, basking in the comfort of its warmth and light. The s’mores are a pleasant memory.
Somewhere off in the distance an owl hoots. Crickets are chirping and the eerie howl of the coyote punctuates the symphony of night sounds.
It is time for spooky campfire stories. You know, the kind of scary stories that will chill your spine and flip your heart up into your mouth. The kind of stories you shouldn’t tell in the dark. But you do anyway Continue reading Ten Tales for the Campfire

The Flea Market Tales

The old man had treasures to sell and a scary secret to keep. This collection of eleven short occult stories tells his tale of bloodcurdling horror.
Ten people buy treasures from the flea market with one common thread. The vendor is a mysterious old man selling off his collection of old stuff. This short story collection chronicles the nightmare of the buyers endured.
One by one, the buyers discover that their treasure is really a horror in disguise. One scary story after another in this collection of supernatural stories reveals the old man’s secret as well as the buyer’s nightmare
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