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Indiana's Civil War Artillery Regiments – 1st – 13th Indiana Places and History

Indiana's Civil War Artillery Regiments – 1st – 13thIndiana's contribution to the Civil War was invaluable as the state furnished the second most number of troops, per capita, to the Union Cause. The state furnished 26 artillery regiments to the war effort. This episode relates the histories of Regiments 1 – 13. From the Book:Indiana's Role in the Civil WarThe Author's WebsiteThe Author on LocalsThe Author on FacebookThe Author on TwitterThe Author on RumbleThe Author on YouTubeThe Author's Amazon Page
  1. Indiana's Civil War Artillery Regiments – 1st – 13th
  2. From Missionary Ridge to the Last Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic
  3. Morgan's Raid
  4. Indiana Civil War Time Line – 1861 – 1862
  5. Indiana Civil War Historical Markers – Part 5


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