Podcast – Road Trip to Indiana’s Early Coed College

This podcast recounts the history of one of Indiana’s first colleges to admit women, the Moore’s Hill Male and Female Collegiate Institute. The college was established in 1854 and opened to students in 1856. It was one of only two colleges that admitted women in Indiana.
Moore’s Hall
Three story Moore’s Hall was constructed that year and served as the only building on the campus until 1908. The first female graduate was Jane S. Churchill in 1858. The college changed its name to Moores Hill College in 1887.
Carnegie Hall
Carnegie Hall was constructed in Moores Hill and would serve as the college’s main classroom. Moore’s Hall became the student dormitory after that.
Moore’s Hill High School
After the college moved to Evansville in 1917 the former college became the site for Moore’s Hill High School. The nickname for the school was the Moore’s Hill Bobcats. The high school closed in 1968. Carnegie Hall has been restored and currently serves as a museum, event venue and community center. Continue reading Podcast – Road Trip to Indiana’s Early Coed College