Sample Chapter – The Collection

Rheumatism they used to call it. The new fangled name was arthritis. No matter what the name, the old man knew it was more than an inconvenience. His knees hurt and it stiffened his fingers.
He faced a campfire and felt the warmth of the flames penetrate his skin. He glanced at his van, filled with his collection. It had taken many years to accumulate. Now it was time to sell it. It was time to end this collection so he could start anew. Continue reading Sample Chapter – The Collection

Sample Chapter – Ad Campaign

Randy Bellows studied the proposal from his top project leader, Skip Jenson. He had, against his best intuition, okayed the project. After looking at the costs involved he was having second thoughts. This was totally new technology and he would not pretend to understand it. He shrugged. It was too late; the project was already ready to test. He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead and thought of Sarah Billings. He longed to be walking the beach with her at Cancun. Maybe if this project were successful it would be time to hand the company over to someone younger. Skip and his assistant Barbara Dinker were the obvious choices. He would call Bob, his lawyer and oldest friend. He would have the papers drawn up and ready. All he could do now was hope for success. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Ad Campaign

Sample Chapter – Practical Joke

Jason Wells enjoyed the independence of having his own real estate brokerage. He could keep his own hours and set his own pace. Since he was always meeting new clients to list or show homes, he was a stickler for maintaining his appearance. This fickleness led to his frequent visits to the barbershop. While in the shop, he struck up a casual acquaintance with the two old farmers, Ben and Wally that frequented the shop. The men always perched on the Liar’s Bench spinning stories and poking fun at each other. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Practical Joke

Sample Chapter – Rich Woman’s Dog

Bernie Fuller was a dog. He enjoyed women. In fact, Bernie enjoyed a lot of women. Being a dog did create problems. Right now his problems were named Kate and Melanie. His amorous activities with Kate the previous night extended into the morning hours. He overslept. He awoke, looked at the clock and bolted from bed. He could tell from the look on her face that Kate wanted him to stay. He showered, dressed and roared off on his motorcycle, leaving Kate pouting in her bed. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Rich Woman’s Dog

Sample Chapter – Hauling Out the Trash

Ricky hurried to get the last of his tasks finished. He swore that old lady Barnald hid around a corner by the milk cooler, just waiting for him to clean the slicer. She always came to the counter after he finished it, and then sprang on him, wanting him to slice one of those messy, gooey canned hams. He then had to dissemble it and clean it again. As he finished cleaning it the second time, the last job for the night was waiting for him by the back door of the grocery store he worked in. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Hauling Out the Trash

Visiting the Wilbur Wright Birthplace & Museum


The Wilbur Wright Birthplace and Museum affords visitors an excellent place to learn about one of Indiana’s most famous native sons, Wilbur Wright. The Wright family had extensive ties to the Hoosier state, having resided at various places in Indiana during Orville and Wilbur’s formative years. The home is the site of Wilbur Wright’s birth. It is where he spent his early childhood. Continue reading Visiting the Wilbur Wright Birthplace & Museum

Sample Chapter – Campout – Chapter 1

Johnny Berg pressed down on the brake pedal, bringing his bike to a rasping halt as the tire scratched a deep gash in the gravel. The smell of fresh mown summer hay from the field on one side of the road filled his nostrils. The June heat of summer had brought a fresh coating of perspiration to wet his shirt. Summer vacation was just starting and already the boys were searching for fresh adventures. Johnny was twelve and at an age that adventures came readily to mind. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Campout – Chapter 1

Sample Chapter One – The Wizard’s Magic Pipe

The initial shock of cold water slapped Cecil Barnes awake. As the water heated, he stuck his head under the stream and wetted his hair. He reached for the shampoo, squeezed a small puddle of it into his palm and lathered his hair. The rich smell of the shampoo permeated the steamy air. He felt the hot water sooth the stiff muscles in his neck and back. He hadn’t been sleeping well. He needed a new mattress. As this thought settled into his mind, he knew that his mattress wasn’t all that he needed to change. Continue reading Sample Chapter One – The Wizard’s Magic Pipe

Sample Chapter – Prince Henry the Navigator- The New World Discoverers

The son of Portuguese King John I and his wife Philippa of Lancaster, Henrique was probably native to Porto, Portugal. King John, Henrique and his brother laid the foundation for the Portuguese Empire in Africa when they captured the Moorish port of Ceuta, which is along the Moroccan Coast on the northwestern coast of Africa. The port had served as a base for pirates that raided Mediterranean Coast capturing people to sell in the African slave market. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Prince Henry the Navigator- The New World Discoverers

Sample Chapter – Southern Indiana Wildflowers – Botanical Names

Most people know plants by their common names. It is quite natural that everyone within a locality or region uses these common names. The problem with common names is that they can change from region to region. An example is Belamcanda chinensis. In some areas as people, call it the Leopard Flower, in others as Blackberry Lily. Both are descriptive names, one about the flower, the other referring to the blackberry like seed cluster. However, the name might confuse a scientist or gardener looking for that specific plant by the name, and may not be able to find the right plant for his garden. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Southern Indiana Wildflowers – Botanical Names

Sample Chapter – Franklin Humiliated Before British Privy Council

It only took one hour for British Solicitor General Alexander Wedderburn to turn Benjamin Franklin from a conciliator that wanted to smooth over differences between Britain and her North American Colonies to a flaming rebel that worked incessantly for independence. Wedderburn’s one-hour tirade against Franklin before the British Privy Council very possibly cost him the Colonies. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Franklin Humiliated Before British Privy Council

Sample Chapter – Colonial American History Journal – Book 1

After its establishment in May of 1607, the colonists in Jamestown faced a harrowing existence. Salt poisoning from the briny river water they drank, dysentery and typhoid ravaged the men of the colony. The relationship with the surrounding native tribes ranged from hostility to reluctant friendship. There was the constant threat of attack by the Spanish, who often explored the area. Their arrival coincided with the beginning of a seven-year drought, thus adding to their difficulties. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Colonial American History Journal – Book 1