Sample Chapter – Looming Disaster

Bees hummed as they gathered nectar from fragrant wildflowers and the cadence of birdsong filled the sunny meadow. A family picnicked in this meadow, nestled near the hemline of the forest, unaware that danger lurked nearby. A small boy wandered among the wildflowers, gathering blossoms to make a bouquet for his mother. There were blue flowers, white flowers and flowers of many other colors. It would be a wonderful bouquet and the boy could not wait to see his mother’s smile when he gave it to her. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Looming Disaster

Sample Chapter – Aron’s Fear

The wizard Aron stood on the summit of Crystalcrest and gazed at the valley of the River Fleet. The vast green valley stretched out to the horizon as it followed the river that carved it.. Dark figures moved along the road that followed the river’s course as it wound its way along of the Crystalline Mountains on its way to the sea. The last of the pilgrims were departing and he would again soon taste the flavor of loneliness. Each year the crowds came here bringing with them their ten-year-old children as they completed the Quest of the Covenant. Then each year they departed, leaving Aron, the Guardian of the Covenant, to his solitude. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Aron’s Fear

Sample Chapter – A Summons

The arrow flew straight to its mark. With a grunt, the stag charged off into the underbrush with the young wizard in close pursuit. Eran soon found the dying beast and dispatched it with a well-placed thrust of his dagger. He smiled as he thought of the savory meal that he and the other residents of the small cottage at the top of Crystalcrest would enjoy this evening. There would be plenty to smoke for storage since the animal was a big one. Continue reading Sample Chapter – A Summons

Sample Chapter – July 10, 1754, – Albany Plan of Union Adopted

Albany Plan of Union
When Benjamin Franklin learned that colonial leaders planned a Congress in Albany, New York in 1754 to plan united action on several issues he printed the cartoon “Join or Die,” in his newspaper. The cartoon appeared in The Pennsylvania Gazette and featured a dead snake cut into thirteen pieces, the implication being that the colonies, like a snake cut into pieces, would perish if they remained disunited. Continue reading Sample Chapter – July 10, 1754, – Albany Plan of Union Adopted

Sample Chapter – Traveling to Bryson City

As November, 2015 approached my wife and I discussed what we would like to do to celebrate our coming wedding anniversary. We decided upon an expedition we had often talked about before, a ride on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad. So, we made arrangements and traveled to Bryson City on November 6, 2015 to take a ride on the rails. We stayed at the Microtel Inn on Songbird Forest Road, just off US Highway 74. Potential riders to the area will find other lodging options in Bryson City; however, we chose this one because it was convenient. The room had a microwave, refrigerator and the hotel offers a continental breakfast in the morning. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Traveling to Bryson City

Sample Chapter – Chapter title – Day One – Anchorage

The Alaskan cruise was several months in the planning, with help from my brother and his wife, who are travel agents. Once the cruise date was set it required several days planning the excursions we would take. There are several planned excursions available from the cruise line and we did take advantage of a couple of these. However, we like to see things at our on pace and on our own schedule. Therefore, I printed out maps and planned itineraries. I made rental car arrangements for the various ports on the internet. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Chapter title – Day One – Anchorage

Sample Chapter – Chapter title – April 18, 1775 – Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

Leaders of the colonial resistance belonging to the Boston Committee of Correspondence and the Massachusetts Committee of Safety had heard reports of the British plans to move against Lexington. The groups had hired Paul Revere to act as a messenger to carry letters back and forth between colonial leaders in various locations around Boston. One of the leaders contacted Revere on the evening of the 18th and told him that British troops were on the move and he should ride to Lexington to warn the leaders that were staying there that the British were on the march. Since colonial leaders had alre Continue reading Sample Chapter – Chapter title – April 18, 1775 – Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

Sample Chapter – First of the Colonist’s Advocate Letters

Benjamin Franklin resided in London during the turbulent years from 1764 through 1775. From his perch in the English capital, he watched as relations between England and her North American colonies unraveled. Initially sent to persuade the King to transform Pennsylvania from a proprietary colony to a royal one, he spent much of his time trying to persuade the English parliament to repeal the Stamp Act, and later the Townshend duties. His testimony before Parliament in January 1766 probably played a role in Parliament’s repeal of the hated Stamp Act. Continue reading Sample Chapter – First of the Colonist’s Advocate Letters

Sample Chapter – The Earliest Possible Date for the First Thanksgiving Day

September 21, 1621 – The Earliest Possible Date for the First Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving feasts were a common practice for the European settlers and their native neighbors. It was tradition for the Europeans to set aside days of thanksgiving. They celebrated for a bountiful harvest, drought-ending rains or other providential events. These events did not have any connection with their worship service. They were set during week and commonly involved fasting beforehand. After the fasting, they would have one or several days of celebratory feasting. The Indians had similar traditions. They had thanksgiving celebrations sporadically throughout the year for special events. Thus, both peoples had traditions of this type of celebration. Continue reading Sample Chapter – The Earliest Possible Date for the First Thanksgiving Day