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A Road, A Well and a Train
A History of Batesville, Indiana

Nestled at the northern tip of Ripley County, Indiana, Batesville’s origins begin with the construction of the Napoleon/Brookville Road, Teunis Amack’s Well and the need for a railroad connecting Indianapolis Indiana and Cincinnati, Ohio. A Road, a Well and a Train is the history of the birth, growth and institutions of Batesville, Indiana.

A History of United States Presidential Elections – Book 2

The issue of slavery loomed ever larger in American politics as the middle of the Nineteenth Century passed. The Republican Party, birthed to destroy the institution, inaugurated its first candidate in 1856. Four years later Abraham Lincoln gained the nomination. The Democratic Party, committed to preserving and expanding slavery, nominated Stephen A. Douglas. Abraham Lincoln won the presidency, casting the nation into a bloody civil war. Abraham Lincoln’s issuance of the Emaciation Proclamation did not end slavery, but it led to its demise at war’s end. A History of United States Presidential Elections – Book 2, covers the critical pre Civil War years from 1856 until 1865.