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Southeast Indiana Day Trips
Take a fun tour through the rich history of Indiana using Southeast Indiana Day Trips as your guidebook. This tourism guide will help you plan road trips to discover interesting places to visit and enjoy. The book includes museums, state parks, historical sites, nature preserves, historical markers and much, much more.
The counties included in this historical travel book include:
Clark County
Dearborn County
Decatur County
Franklin County
Jefferson County
Jennings County
Ohio County
Ripley County
Scott County
Switzerland County
Clark County

The Armies of the Revolutionary War

The Armies of the Revolutionary War reveals to readers the complexity of the organization of the military forces of the rebelling American colonies as well as the British Army and Navy. The book also discloses the intricate intelligence gathering network both armies devised to spy on each other to gain an advantage in the titanic struggle for America’s independence.

Indiana Dunes State Park

Visitors to Indiana Dunes State Park can hike the sand mountains that tower over beautiful Lake Michigan and see the city of Chicago in the distance. Bird watchers can find a copious number of waterfowls, songbirds and other avian treats in the marshes in the park. Sun worshipers can swim and lounge along the immense sand beaches that line the Lake Michigan shoreline. Visitors will also discover camping, fishing and picnicking opportunities in this tourism guide..

The Ultimate Indiana Day Trip Travel Guide
The Ultimate Indiana Day Trip Travel Guide includes a plethora of day trip destination in Indiana. A complete tourism guide the book includes local and state parks, museums, golf courses and much, much more. The book includes information on all of Indiana’s 92 counties. No traveler in Indiana should be without it.

Indiana’s Role in Civil War
The Indiana Regiments of the Civil War

Indiana’s Role in the Civil War recounts the stories of the regiments that served in the War Between the States. Indiana had the second largest per capita number of men fighting for the Union Army in the four years of the war. From the first battle, the Battle of Philippi, to the Grand Review of the Armies Hoosiers played a prominent role in the defeat of the rebellion of the Confederacy. The book includes a county by county history of the regiments as well as the story of the longest raid of the Civil War, Morgan’s Raid.