Short History of Railroads

Short History of Railroads

The Short History of Railroads takes readers on a journey along the trail of the evolution of the railway. Discover the role trains had in the transportation revolution that changed the world. Readers will find an extensive list of railroad museums across the United States.


Short History of Railroads
Table of Contents

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Table of Contents
First Railways
A Short History of the Steam Engine
1765 Nicolas Joseph Cugnot Demonstrates First Steam Powered Vehicle
1784 March William Murdock Demonstrates Model Steam Powered Locomotive
March 25, 1807 – First Fare Paying Passenger Service
1814 – George Stephenson Demonstrate his Locomotive the Blücher
Delaware and Hudson Canal Company
February 12, 1827 – Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
August 28, 1830 – Locomotive Tom Thumb Race with Horse
1832 – Railway switch patented by Charles Fox
1834 – Boston and Worcester Railroad
March 3, 1840 – The Wilmington and Weldon Railroad Opens – Longest Railroad in the World
September 22, 1842 – Robert Davidson Demonstrated the First Electric Locomotive
September 20, 1853 – Union Depot Opened In Indianapolis – First of its Kind
1857 – Steel Rails First Used In Britain
History of Steel
April 21, 1865 – The Lincoln Funeral Train
May 22, 1868 – Marshfield Train Robbery
George Westinghouse Patented Air Brake System – April 13, 1869
May 10, 1869 – The Driving of the Golden Spike
November 18, 1883 – Standard Time Begins
September 12, 1904 – Union Traction Terminal Opens
September 7, 1907 – Chicago-New York Electric Air Line Railroad
1913 – First Diesel Powered Railcar Enters Service In Sweden
1939 – Burlington Railroad and Union Pacific Railroads Initiate Wide Spread Diesel-Electric Locomotive Use
May 1, 1971 – Amtrak Begins Passenger Service
National Train Museums
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