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Jamestown – The Beginning Stories of American History

Jamestown – The BeginningThis is the first of three parts that deal with the founding of the first successful, permanent English settlement in North American, Jamestown. From the BookColonial American History Stories – 1215 – 1664For more podcasts and articles subscribe to my substack pageA Potpourri of History, Travel and Gardening The Author's WebsiteThe Author on LocalsThe Author on FacebookThe Author on TwitterThe Author on RumbleThe Author on YouTubeThe Author's Amazon Page
  1. Jamestown – The Beginning
  2. Samuel Champlain and the founding of Quebec
  3. The Explorations of Juan de Oñate and Sebastián Vizcaíno
  4. The Lost Colony of Roanoke
  5. The Voyage of Sir Humphrey Gilbert