Gatherer of Souls

Spirits quailed before the horror of the Gatherer of Souls as he neared completion of his evil quest. One last soul stood between him and conquest of the Underworld. Continue reading Gatherer of Souls

Sample Chapter 1 – A Stranger Lurks

Memories fluttered around Margaret’s mind like the butterflies hovering over the buddleia bush. She remembered that it was her mother’s favorite flower. Those were long gone, but the fragrant sweet peas survived, covering the slope below the old house. Black eyes Susan’s, Queen Anne’s lace and other wildflowers also occupied the formerly well-kept lawn. Trees had encroached here, as well. Nature threatened to swallow up what remained of her parent’s life. Continue reading Sample Chapter 1 – A Stranger Lurks

Sample Chapter One – The Wizard’s Magic Pipe

The initial shock of cold water slapped Cecil Barnes awake. As the water heated, he stuck his head under the stream and wetted his hair. He reached for the shampoo, squeezed a small puddle of it into his palm and lathered his hair. The rich smell of the shampoo permeated the steamy air. He felt the hot water sooth the stiff muscles in his neck and back. He hadn’t been sleeping well. He needed a new mattress. As this thought settled into his mind, he knew that his mattress wasn’t all that he needed to change. Continue reading Sample Chapter One – The Wizard’s Magic Pipe