Sample Chapter – Allyssum

Gardener's Guide to Full Sun Perennial Flowers
Gardener’s Guide to Full Sun Perennial Flowers

Sample Chapter
Gardener’s Guide to Full Sun Perennial Flowers
Chapter title – Alyssum

The name Brassicaceae derives from the genus Brassica, which the family includes. The name Brassica means “cabbage” in Latin. The genus contains cabbage, Brussels’ sprouts and cauliflower, among others. The family Brassicaceae contains over 330 genera and about 3,700 species, many of which are of economic importance as food crops. An older name for the family, Cruciferae, refers to the flowers that are standard across the family. The four petals of the flowers resemble a crucifix, thus the name Cruciferae. This older name still finds use in place of Brassicaceae in some texts. The species name, saxatilis, means, “found among rocks” and refers to the plant’s habitat of rocky, well-drained soils. Both names have Latin origins.
Aurinia saxatilis requires full sun, though in areas of intense heat alyssum will appreciate some shade, especially in the hot part of the day.
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Alyssum will tolerate a wide range of soil types as long as they drain well. Gritty or sandy soils are best but the plant will do well in clay as long as it is not soggy. Alyssum will tolerate drought and all ph levels.
Aurinia saxatilis is native to northern Asia Minor, central and Eastern Europe.

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