Indiana State Park Travel Guide Series

Indiana State Park Travel Guide Series

Indiana State Park Travel Guide Series

Indiana State Park Guide Series:
Box Set – Indiana State Park Guide Series
Indiana State Park Travel Guide Series
I have written the books in this series to provide prospective visitors to the Indiana State Parks with a complete visitors guide to the area and to present histories of the individual parks, their geology as well as their unique features. At present there are six books in the series which are published in order of the dates of when the parks were established.

McCormick’s Creek State Park
McCormicks Creek State Park is the first state park established in Indiana in 1916. It was one hundred years after Indiana received Statehood. That was also when the first area resident, John McCormick, homesteaded 100 acres on the site. The park includes almost two thousand acres of forest, campground, trails and fun. McCormick’s Creek flows through a rugged limestone canyon, cascading over waterfalls and rapids. It flows into the nearby White River that borders the park on the west. Visitors may stay in Canyon Inn, one of the seven family cabins or in the campground or camp in the modern campground. Located adjacent to Indiana State Road 46, the park is about 1.5 miles east of Spencer Indiana.

Turkey Run Indiana State Park
Turkey Run State Park is the second state park established in Indiana in 1916. Sugar Creek bisects the 2382 acres of rugged woodland terrain, providing some wonderful canoing opportunties (off site) which span two state parks. A suspension bridge connects the developed south section from the undeveloped north section. Two covered bridges, the Cox and the Narrows Covered Bridge on either end of the park provide a scenic backdrop to many wonderful photo opportunities in the park. Visitors may either stay in the large campground or in Turkey Run Inn with its accompanying restaurant. Park visitors may fish, with an Indiana license, in Sugar Creek and hikers can enjoy the many miles of great hiking.

Clifty Falls Indiana State Park
Perched high on bluffs above the Ohio River, Clifty Falls State Park boasts great hiking, scenic waterfalls and a wonderful campground. Taking its name from the falls on Clifty Creek, the park got its start from 570 acres given to the State by Madison residents. Numerous picnic areas and shelters allow families a good spot to relax while enjoying a picnic meal. Visitors wanting to stay in comfort can book a room at the Clifty Inn. The Inn boasts a restaurant, swimming pool and sitting area that overlooks the river.
Hikers can traverse a historic railroad tunnel on one of the trails. The tunnel formed a part of the Madison and Indianapolis Railroad, which went bankrupt before the tunnel was used. The park has four waterfalls, most accessible only by trail. The main falls, a sixty foot cascade, is near Clifty Shelter and accessible to picnicers.
My wife and I have hiked most of the trails of this beautiful park and enjoyed the falls on many occasions.

Brown County State Park
My wife and I have visited Brown County State Park many times over the years. Because of the parks resemblance to the Smoky Mountains the area has earned the nickname “Little Smokies.” The twenty miles of asphalt rodeways have several scenic vista lookouts. Brown County is Indiana’s largest State Park with over 15,000 acresof nationally renowned scenic beauty. Established in 1929, it is a popular tourist mecca during the fall foliage season, but the park is busy at all times of the year.
We like to visit during all times of the year. Summer, spring and fall offer fabulous hiking over the twelve miles of trails. Our winter time stays find us reading quietly in front of the huge stone wood burning fireplace in the great room of the inn.
Abe Martin Inn features an aquatic center which makes it a popular draw for families all through the year, but especially during the cold winter months. The dining room at the Inn has delicious food at family affordable prices.
Brown County has two small lakes, Ogle Lake Lake and Strahl Lake. Anglers may fish in either lake while the Park offers rental boating at Strahl Lake. Trails go around these lakes, providing some wonderful vistas over water with the forested hills in the background.

Pokegon State Park
Located in the northeast corner of Indiana in Steuben County, the park features beautiful Lake James, a multitude of wonderful trails as well as an inn, campground, picnic shelters and a beach. In the winter a refrigerated toboggan run provides visitors a thrilling ride at speeds approaching 40 miles per hour. Nearby Trine State Recreation offers additional boating, hiking and picnicking opportunities. Twelve family house keeping cabins offer affordable overnight accommodations.

Short History of Public Parks – Indiana Edition
Connoisseurs of Indiana State Parks will learn the history of the Indiana State Park system as well as the individual state parks. The book includes a history of public parks and a list of Indiana county tourism sites to find local park information. The book includes an extensive list of state park systems in the United States.

Indiana Dunes State Park
I have finished the sixth book in the series, Indiana Dunes State Park, which I should publish sometime in 2022. My current project is Spring Mill State Park, which I should also publish this year.

These books are all available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other online book retailers. You also purchase the books on my web site, You can contact me at
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