Podcast – The United States History Series

The United States History Series

The United States History Series

The United States History Series

From the Book:
The United States History Series
Greetings, in this episode I talk about my book series, the United States History Series. I decided to write this series so readers could understand the political evolution of the United States. The book includes, at present, three books. These include:
A History of the United States Constitution
A Short History of United States Politics – Book 1
US Political Parties and the Presidents – Book 2
A fourth book, US Political Parties and the Presidents, the Reconstruction Era, is currently being written.
The series covers the elections, candidates, political parties and issues that the nation struggled with during its history.
A History of the United States Constitution covers the history of the early attempts at united rule by the colonies as well as the passage of the Articles of Confederation. When the Ariticles proved inadequate to the task, the Congress authorized a Constitutional Convention to revise them. Instead, the delegates drafted an entirely new Constitition, which has served the nation well since its ratification iin 1788.
Listeners can purchase all three books on my website as an economical box set. Just go to my website, http://www.mossyfeetbooks.com and click the box set/series link.

A Short History of United States Politics – Book 1 covers the years from the first Presidential election in 1788 up until 1856. In this book American history buffs will learn the history of the early political parties, philosophies and campaigns in the United States. Book 1 covers the period beginning with the first Presidential campaign to the campaign of 1856, on the eve of the Civil War. The book discusses the difference between political factions and parties as well as the opinions of the Founding Fathers on political parties themselves. The book follows the evolution of the practice of slavery as it developed into the imflammatory issue that would fracture the nation. The philosophies of the early political parties like the Federalist, Democratic Republican, Whig, Anti-Masonic Party, Free Soil Party and others are outlined and explained.

A History of United States Presidential Elections – Book 2, Politics During the Civil War follows the formation of the Republican Party in 1856 and its quest to end the practice of slavery. It includes the election of 1856, 1860 and 1864 as well as the 1861 Confederate election. The book outlines the issues that consumed the United States during the greatest test if has faced, the American Civil War. The reader’s journey includes the final act of the war, the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

US Political Parties and the Presidents, the Reconstruction Era will relate the struggles of the United States as the nation stove to glue itself back together again after the violence of the Civil War. President Andrew Johnson, who suceeded President Abraham Lincoln, struggled with the Radical Republicans in Congress over the shape of Reconstrucion policies. The book includes the contentious year of 1866 when the Congressional Elections loomed. President Johnson attempted to gain support for his Reconstruction policies by staging the National Union Convention follwed by his disastrous Swing Around the Circle Tour. Southern Loyalists, alarmed at the danger they faced from former Confederate officials, staged their own Southern Loyalists Convention in September 1866. The fall elections proved to be a route for Johnson and his allies as Republicans dramatically increased their numbers in Congress. This led to increased conflict with Johnson, leading to his impeachment in 1868. The book will continue until the Reconstruction Era ended in 1877.

Readers can find these books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other online book retailers. You can also buy the books directely from me on my website, http://www.mossyfeetbooks.com. You can contact me at mossyfeetbooks@gmail.com

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