Podcast – Southeast Indiana Parks

In this episode the author visits several of the parks in Southeastern Indiana. The selection includes state parks, state forests, nature preserves, local parks and National Wildlife Refuges. The parks discussed include:
Deam Lake
Clark State Forest
Brookville Lake
Whitewater Memorial State Park
Clifty Falls State Park
Lamplighter Riverfront Park
Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge
Muscatatuck Park
Calli Nature Preserve
Versailles State Park
Hardy Lake and Campgrounds Continue reading Podcast – Southeast Indiana Parks

Sample Chapter – General Geology Clifty Falls State Park

The area of Clifty Falls State Park lies on an area geologists call the Cincinnati Arch. This geological formation stretches between the Illinois Basin, in south central Illinois, and the Appalachian Basin, which slants southwest through eastern Virginia. The rock layers in the area of the park slant towards the west with the younger rock faces to the west and the older to the east. The exposed rock is mostly composed of a substance geologists call Laurel Dolomite. Continue reading Sample Chapter – General Geology Clifty Falls State Park