Podcast – 31 Southeast Indiana Museum Tour

31 Museums in Southeastern Indiana
In this podcast we visit the 31 museums in Southeastern Indiana. These include the Milan 1954 museum, the Clark County Museum, the Falls of the Ohio State Park and the museums operated by Historic Madison. Continue reading Podcast – 31 Southeast Indiana Museum Tour

A History of Dearborn County, Indiana

A History of Dearborn County serves as a great historical resource for home school students and Indiana history buffs. It includes information on museums, historical markers, National Register of Historic Sites and other areas of historical interest in Dearborn County, Indiana. The guide is a great help in planning field trips as local parks and nature preserves are included in the book, as well. Readers will discover historical information on Dearborn County cities and towns like Aurora, Lawrenceburg, Greendale the smaller communities in the county. Home schooling parents and local history buffs can use the book as a guide to finding Dearborn County’s historical treasure for fun and educational field trips. Continue reading A History of Dearborn County, Indiana