A History of Dearborn County, Indiana

A History of Dearborn County
A History of Dearborn County

A History of Dearborn County, Indiana


A History of Dearborn County serves as a great historical resource for home school students and Indiana history buffs. It includes information on museums, historical markers, National Register of Historic Sites and other areas of historical interest in Dearborn County, Indiana. The guide is a great help in planning field trips as local parks and nature preserves are included in the book, as well. Readers will discover historical information on Dearborn County cities and towns like Aurora, Lawrenceburg, Greendale the smaller communities in the county. Home schooling parents and local history buffs can use the book as a guide to finding Dearborn County’s historical treasure for fun and educational field trips.
Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

County History
Power of Indiana Counties
Local Government Organization in Indiana
Constitutionally Created County Officials
County Finances
Meetings and Records
Basic Dearborn County Information
Thumbnail History
Henry Dearborn
Dearborn County Court House
Incorporated Cities and Towns
Dillsboro, Indiana
Greendale, Indiana
Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Moores Hill, Indiana
Saint Leon, Indiana
Census-Designated Places
Hidden Valley
Unincorporated Communities
Dearborn County National Register of Historic Places
Aurora National Register of Historic Places Sites
Downtown Lawrenceburg Historic District
Dearborn County – Museums
Dearborn County Historical Markers
Indiana Historical Bureau Markers
Dearborn County Underground Railroad
Dearborn County Cemeteries
Dearborn County Parks
Dearborn County Fair
Dearborn County Fire Departments
Dearborn County Libraries
Dearborn County Auto Trails
Dearborn County Historic Bridges
Dearborn County Waterways
Dearborn County Time Line
Indiana County – Back Road Numbering System
About the Author
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Sample Chapter
Indiana’s Timeless Tales – Pre-History to 1781

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