McCormick’s Creek State Park

Established as Indiana’s first state park in 1916, McCormick’s Creek State Park offers rugged hiking, a waterfall, an inn and an excellent campground. Continue reading McCormick’s Creek State Park

Sample Chapter – General Geography – McCormick’s Creek State Park

Two historic events that occurred eons ago created the landscape contained in McCormick’s Creek State Park. The first was a shallow sea that covered the region that is now Indiana about 250 million years ago. Dead sea creatures, corals and sand settled at the bottom of this sea. The rock present in the canyon of McCormick’s Creek is in three layers, the oldest at the bottom is called Salem Limestone. Hikers can find this layer in the Limestone Quarry near the canyon’s mouth on the Quarry Loop that branches off from Trail 2 and 7. The next layer is the sixty foot thick St. Louis Limestone, which makes up the majority of the canyon walls. Near the top of the falls this layer ends, topped by the Ste. Genevieve Limestone. Continue reading Sample Chapter – General Geography – McCormick’s Creek State Park