Sample Chapter – Benny, Benny, Short as a Penny

Modern technology be damned. Benny first shook the machine and then pounded on the side of it with his fist. What was taking so long? Did that dratted contraption have to mint the coins first? Continue reading Sample Chapter – Benny, Benny, Short as a Penny

The Flea Market Tales

The old man had treasures to sell and a scary secret to keep. This collection of eleven short occult stories tells his tale of bloodcurdling horror.
Ten people buy treasures from the flea market with one common thread. The vendor is a mysterious old man selling off his collection of old stuff. This short story collection chronicles the nightmare of the buyers endured.
One by one, the buyers discover that their treasure is really a horror in disguise. One scary story after another in this collection of supernatural stories reveals the old man’s secret as well as the buyer’s nightmare
Continue reading The Flea Market Tales

Sample Chapter – The Collection

Rheumatism they used to call it. The new fangled name was arthritis. No matter what the name, the old man knew it was more than an inconvenience. His knees hurt and it stiffened his fingers.
He faced a campfire and felt the warmth of the flames penetrate his skin. He glanced at his van, filled with his collection. It had taken many years to accumulate. Now it was time to sell it. It was time to end this collection so he could start anew. Continue reading Sample Chapter – The Collection

Sample Chapter – Ad Campaign

Randy Bellows studied the proposal from his top project leader, Skip Jenson. He had, against his best intuition, okayed the project. After looking at the costs involved he was having second thoughts. This was totally new technology and he would not pretend to understand it. He shrugged. It was too late; the project was already ready to test. He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead and thought of Sarah Billings. He longed to be walking the beach with her at Cancun. Maybe if this project were successful it would be time to hand the company over to someone younger. Skip and his assistant Barbara Dinker were the obvious choices. He would call Bob, his lawyer and oldest friend. He would have the papers drawn up and ready. All he could do now was hope for success. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Ad Campaign

Sample Chapter – Practical Joke

Jason Wells enjoyed the independence of having his own real estate brokerage. He could keep his own hours and set his own pace. Since he was always meeting new clients to list or show homes, he was a stickler for maintaining his appearance. This fickleness led to his frequent visits to the barbershop. While in the shop, he struck up a casual acquaintance with the two old farmers, Ben and Wally that frequented the shop. The men always perched on the Liar’s Bench spinning stories and poking fun at each other. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Practical Joke

Sample Chapter – Rich Woman’s Dog

Bernie Fuller was a dog. He enjoyed women. In fact, Bernie enjoyed a lot of women. Being a dog did create problems. Right now his problems were named Kate and Melanie. His amorous activities with Kate the previous night extended into the morning hours. He overslept. He awoke, looked at the clock and bolted from bed. He could tell from the look on her face that Kate wanted him to stay. He showered, dressed and roared off on his motorcycle, leaving Kate pouting in her bed. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Rich Woman’s Dog