Family Cabin at Harmonie State Park

Family Cabin at Harmonie State Park
Family Cabin at Harmonie State Park

Family Cabin at Harmonie State Park

On a recent trip to southwestern Indiana, we stayed at a family cabin at Harmonie State Park. For those unfamiliar with Indiana State Park Family Cabins, stay tuned to this article and I will tell you all about them. Eight Indiana State Parks offer overnight visitors the option to stay in a cabin. These parks are:
Brown County
Chain O’Lakes
McCormick’s Creek
Potato Creek
Whitewater Memorial

Affordable Rental
The cabins are an affordable alternative to renting a hotel room while providing guests with a bed, bathroom and kitchen. While the cabins at state parks are all somewhat different, the amenities at most are similar. Generally, they have two to three bedrooms with a full size bed on the master bedroom and two bunk beds in the other ones. Depending upon the cabin, they can sleep from four to eight people. The bathroom has a toilet, shower and lavatory. The kitchen usually includes a range with oven, refrigerator, microwave, toaster and coffeemaker. Note that this is a general listing and may not apply to all state park cabins. It is best to check before leaving.

The biggest downside to renting one of these cabins is that you must bring your own bed linens, towels, washcloths, dinnerware and silverware. The plus side to this is at least the bed linens are yours and you don’t have to wonder how well room service cleaned the room.
In addition to this, the cabins usually have a front and back porch, usually screened, a fire ring and a charcoal grill.
Reserving a Cabin
During June, July and August guests must reserve a cabin for one week. The limit is 14 days. During the rest of the year, yes these are usually available for most of the year, from Sunday – Thursday, there is a two-night minimum stay. Weekend bookings must include Friday and Saturday OR Saturday and Sunday. These cabins are popular during the summer season and can be hard to get, so reserve early. Most of these cabins have wood stoves, however you must provide your own wood.

The wife and I have stayed at these cabins several times and have developed a system to ensure we don’t forget things. We have two large bins, one for bedding and towels, the other for the other supplies we need. I keep a check off list in the box, so a day or so before we depart, I get the bins out and go through the checklist, making sure we have everything, including the food supplies we will need.
Note that many of the parks are in remote, rural locations and may not have great cell phone service. There is no wireless internet service provided, so if you need it, you will need a mobile modem or similar internet hot spot. Also note that the cell phone signal many times will not allow you to access the internet. We enjoy a few days of no electronics living, so for us it is great. I do take my computer to write and edit photos on during our stay, but since there is no internet, my computer usage in minimal.
All cabins are nonsmoking. Some allow pets while others do not. Guests must sweep the floor and make sure things are reasonably clean before departing to avoid additional housekeeping fees.
Harmonie State Park Cabin
Our cabin was clean in in good order when we arrived. One of the screens in the screened porch was torn, however when I sat out there I did not notice any mosquitos bugging me. Since we do minimal cooking, I do not know how well the appliances work. The refrigerator freezer did have two ice cube trays and an ice storage box.
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