Kingdoms in Chaos

Kingdoms in Chaos

Chaos and disorder reigned after Gwaum’s fall. Kingdom strove against kingdom in a deadly quest for power. The wizards of the Six Kingdoms faced their own peril. The mysterious Order of the Mind Readers lurked in secret places, plotting their own war and rise to supremacy. Compounding the crises, the refugee Raiders of Gwaum emerged as pirates, raiding the emerging commerce of the Six Kingdoms from their hidden lair. Mired in chaos, the Six Kingdoms risked plummeting into anarchy. Only a wizard of exceptional ability could rise to the challenge and end the wizard war.


Kingdoms in Chaos
Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Book One – Awakening
The Fall of Torne
The Journey
The Ferry
Treachery Times Two
Dilemma in the Grasslands
The Flight of Fen
Caught in a Trap
The Return of Fen
Change in Status
A Promise of Alliance
Battle in the Desert
Escape From Naul
Deception Discovered
The Choosing of a King
Battle Lines Drawn
The Battle of Torne
Dreams Shattered
A Fiery Escape
The Lost Oasis
The Missing Ring
Plots Within Plots
The Seeds of War
Beymon Fails
An Uncertain Alliance
A Tricky Spell
*Fortune Beckons
Gathering Forces
Eve of Battle
Blackmail in the Desert
Battle for Naru
A Secret Revealed
A Rescue and a Failed Rescue
Into Hiding
The Wanderers
Rescue by a Wizard
A Hidden Home
Treachery Repaid
A Treasure Found
A Treasure Lost
Death of a Thief’s Thief
An Opportunity Presents Itself
Birth of a Pirate Haven
A Deal
Birth of a Pirate Haven
Two Hundred Coins
Birth of a Healer
A Soul Departs
A Mystery
A Close Call
A Discovery and a Revelation
At the Hidden City
Origins of Niru
A Solution?
A Revelation
Rynn in Danger
Safety, Then Danger
Treasure and Something Else
A Ruse
The Crystal of Maru
Success and Danger
A Search Renewed
A Healer Comes
Sanctuary Strengthened
A Summons for Turis
The Beginnings of a Plan
A Spy Revealed
A False Warning
A Secret Revealed
The Battle Begins
The Battle of the Oasis
A Parting
Sample Chapter – The Next in the Series
The Order of Solaun
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