Sample Chapter – Chapter title – Day One – Anchorage

The Alaska Chronicles – Our Alaskan Cruise Adventure
The Alaska Chronicles – Our Alaskan Cruise Adventure

Sample Chapter
The Alaska Chronicles – Our Alaskan Cruise Adventure
Chapter title – Day One – Anchorage

The Alaskan cruise was several months in the planning, with help from my brother and his wife, who are travel agents. Once the cruise date was set it required several days planning the excursions we would take. There are several planned excursions available from the cruise line and we did take advantage of a couple of these. However, we like to see things at our on pace and on our own schedule. Therefore, I printed out maps and planned itineraries. I made rental car arrangements for the various ports on the internet.
Finally, travel day arrived! Arising very early, my sister in law was to take us to the airport. We showed up at her house around 5:00 AM and off to the airport we went! We checked in, whiled away the time reading until the plane started boarding. By 9:00 AM, we were in the air to Minneapolis on the first leg of our journey to the 49th state.
As the airplane descended through the clouds, the landscape of Minnesota became visible. It appears flat, the roads forming a pattern reminiscent of a tile floor. They were rectangles and squares of varying shades of green and brown. As we descended, the Mississippi River came into view. A train pulling multicolored cars was traversing tracks along the river. From our altitude, the train looked like a long beaded necklace as it moved along the pretty blue waters of the river. A lock on the river was visible and a barge was moving upriver.
We landed around 10:35 AM at Concourse G. I walked back to a food vendor to get lunch. We boarded the plane for Anchorage at 1:00 PM. We were in the air by 1:35 pm, just about one hour and forty-five minutes late.
This would be a rather long flight, about five hours. We passed the time reading and sleeping alternately. I had an aisle seat; my wife was across the aisle from me. I had a window seat, but I had surrendered it to a young lady traveling with her mother. I made the ladies’ acquaintance and we engaged in conversation to help pass the time. They were from Montana, and were heading to Anchorage for a cruise, too. It was a gift from the daughter to her mother for her birthday. The young lady loaned me a National Geographic magazine about Alaska to read. We talked a bit about our home states and travels, among other things.
At 6:45 Indiana time, 3:45 PM Alaska time we landed in Anchorage, Alaska. We had caught brief glimpses of the Alaskan landscape through the clouds as we descended and what we saw was spectacular. The approach to Anchorage International Airport had taken us over Cook Inlet. Surrounding mountains were visible from the airport as we gathered our luggage. The cruise line representatives met us in the baggage claim area. They took our bags, loaded us on a bus and transported us to our hotel in downtown Anchorage.
Our trip was to consist of a three-day land tour. One day at Anchorage, two days at the Kenai Princess Lodge near Cooper Alaska in the Kenai Peninsula. We would stay tonight night at the Captain Cook Hotel in downtown Anchorage. We would travel by bus the next day, Saturday, August 27 to the Lodge. The land tour would precede a seven-day Voyage of The Glaciers along the Western coast of Alaska.
The cruise line representative deposited us in our room by 5:10 PM. All times for the duration of the trip will be in Alaska Time, which is three hours behind Indiana time. The hotel is first class. Our luggage had not arrived yet, so we decided to take a walk in Anchorage. The city is nice and the surrounding scenery is spectacular. The Knik Arm of the Cook Inlet’s blue waters are visible to the west. The mountains of the Chugach National Forest were visible to the east. From Resolution Park, a couple of blocks east of our hotel, Mt McKinley would be visible to the north if not for a shroud of clouds. The park consists of an impressive wooden deck structure overlooking the inlet.
We walked to the nearby Glacier Brewhouse for dinner. I had a delicious Salmon BLT washed down with Amber Ale. Chocolate and caramel flavor this beer and it is simply delightful. My wife chose a shrimp and salmon Caesar salad.
We continued our walk along Anchorage’s streets after dinner. The weather consisted of light rain showers interspersed with sunny skies. A rainbow became visible in the east above the city and mountains. We would observe another from our hotel window later in the evening.
The length of daylight was somewhat disconcerting. The sun was still shining brightly at 9:00 PM. It finally went down around 9:30 and it was daylight until 10:00. We finally went to bed around that time, having been up almost twenty-two hours.

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