A Short History of Basketball – Indiana Edition

A Short History of Basketball - Indiana Edition
A Short History of Basketball – Indiana Edition

A Short History of Basketball – Indiana Edition


A Short History of Basketball – Indiana Edition

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The Short History of Basketball – Indiana Edition

The Short History of Basketball – Indiana Edition leads readers through the fascinating history of the sport of basketball. The book includes a history of the game and Indiana basketball sports highlights.

Indiana High School Basketball History

Readers will discover a complete listing of Indiana high school championship winners and Mr. and Miss Basketball awards. The book also covers the Kentucky/Indiana High School All Star Series as well as some of the iconic high school gymnasiums in the state.

Women’s Basketball History

The Short History of Basketball – Indiana Edition includes the story of Senda Berenson Abbot and her role in women’s basketball history as the “Mother of Basketball.” Berenson initiated women’s play of the sport shortly after its inception by James Naismith.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

James Naismith Invents Basketball in 1891.
The First Basketball Game
The Hoop
The Net
The Backboard
The Ball
The Court
The Shoes
The Uniform
Team Sizes
Basketball Positions
The Officials
High School Basketball
College Basketball
November 7, 1896 First Recorded Professional Basketball Game Played
Early Basketball Leagues
1901 – Colleges Begin Officially Sanctioning Teams
1904 – Summer Olympics Includes Basketball
*1906 – Athletic Association of the United States
1910’s – Rise of the Barnstormer Teams
Demonstration of Children’s Games, 1924
Early Basketball Leagues
Game Rules
Women’s Basketball
A History of Basketball in Indiana
March 16, 1894 – Traditional First Indiana Basketball Game – Crawfordsville and Lafayette YMCA
1897 – First College Basketball Game in Indiana
First Recorded Intramural High School Basketball Game in Indiana
February 8, 1901 – Indiana University Plays Its First Basketball Game
December 05, 1903 – Indiana High School Athletic Association Constitution Written
IHSAA Boys Basketball State Championship Series
1939 – First Mr. Basketball Award
March 20, 1954 – Milan Miracle – Wins State Basketball Championship
1976 First Miss Basketball Award
Indiana State Girl’s High School Championship Series
Class Basketball in Indiana
The-History-of-the-Kentucky/Indiana-All-Star-Game – Boys
History of Kentucky-Indiana All Star Series – Girls
Historic High School Gymnasiums
Indiana High Schools
Indiana Athletic Conferences
Indiana College Athletic Programs
Professional Basketball in Indiana
Indiana Basketball Museums
Indiana Basketball Heritage Trail
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Short History of Roads and Highways – Indiana Edition
Indiana Pioneer Traces
Kibbey’s Road

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