Indiana Dunes State Park

Indiana Dunes State Park

Visitors to Indiana Dunes State Park can hike the sand mountains that tower over beautiful Lake Michigan and see the city of Chicago in the distance. Bird watchers can find a copious number of waterfowls, songbirds and other avian treats in the marshes in the park. Sun worshipers can swim and lounge along the immense sand beaches that line the Lake Michigan shoreline. Visitors will also discover camping, fishing and picnicking opportunities in this tourism guide..


Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Park Information
Dune State Park Geology
History of the Park
Camping/Youth Camping
Concession & Campground Grocery
Nature Center/Interpretive Naturalist Services
Picnic Shelters
Nature Preserves Within Park
Hiking Trails
Swimming – Beach
Bird Observation Platforms
Devil’s Slide
Mt. Jackson
Mount Tom
3 Dune Challenge
The Blowouts
Places of Interest in the Park
Founder of Indiana State Parks – Richard Lieber
South Shore Train Station
Indiana Dunes National Park
Visitor Center
Other Activities at the National Park
Lake County
Crown Point
Lake County Court House
Lake County Historical Markers
Lake County Day Trips
Porter County
Porter County Courthouse
Porter County Day Trips
Timeline of Indiana State Parks
Indiana County – Back Road Numbering System
About the Author
Mossy Feet Books Catalogue
Sample Chapter 1
McCormick’s Creek State Park
General Geography

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