Road Trip Indiana – Lawrenceburg, Indiana

Road Trip Indiana – Lawrenceburg, Indiana

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Southeast Indiana Day Trips

Lawrenceburg Attractions

Greetings, in this episode I will take you on a tour of the Dearborn County seat, Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Listeners can find complete information about Lawrenceburg and other places around southeastern Indiana by purchasing my book, Southeast Indiana Day Trips from my Road Trip Indiana Series. This is the first book in the series and the only one available now. I will have the rest, there will be 9 altogether, as the year progresses. With rising gas prices many Hoosiers, including my wife and myself, are choosing to vacation closer to home. Using this podcast, I will tell you about the many places here in Indiana you can visit and have some unique and fun experiences.

Just across the Indiana State Line on US 50 the first place the traveler encounters after departing Ohio is a beautiful area called the Oxbow.
The Oxbow is a broad floodplain where the Great Miami River empties into the Ohio River. This area where three states – Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky come together, is east of Lawrenceburg, Indiana and about seventeen miles downstream from Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Oxbow at Lawrenceburg
The Oxbow at Lawrenceburg

The Oxbow at Lawrenceburg

The Oxbow is a heavily-used staging area where migrating birds refuel and rebuild their strength for further migrating. The area is essential to their success on long flights between distant northern breeding grounds and southern wintering areas. Without the Oxbow these migrants might reach their northern nesting areas without the reserve strength essential to raising new broods of healthy young birds.

To get to the upper Oxbow parking area go west on US Hwy 50 from the I-275 #16 exit. In about 200 yards, turn left (east) at the edge of the Shell/Subway and go over the levee to the front of the cement plant. Turn right and go to the Oxbow entrance sign. Turn left into the Oxbow. The upper parking area is immediately on the right .

GPS coordinates are:
39.122128, -84.848516

Oxbow, Inc
P. O. Box 4172
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Just west of the Oxbow on US 50 you can try your luck at the Hollywood Casino and Hotel.

Just past the casino turn left on High Street and park near the Event Center for an interesting walk along the waterfront. As you stroll along the river near the Lawrenceburg Event Center you will find an interesting memorial facing the waterfront.

The War Memorial To The Common Man towers over the Ohio River. The seven foot tall bronze statues honor the common man includes a rotating carillon. The accompanying clock chimes every hour on the hour. It is the largest memorial of its kind in the United States.

Angevine Cabin - Decatur County Historical Society
Angevine Cabin – Decatur County Historical Society

Dearborn County Historical Society

Further west on High Street you can learn the interesting history of Dearborn County at the Dearborn County Historical Museum.

Located in the historic Vance-Tousey House in downtown Lawrenceburg, the Dearborn County Historical Museum offers a variety of services for visitors interested in the county’s rich history, including genealogical research assistance, the restored Angevine Log Cabin and programs and special events on occasion. It is a must place to visit to learn the history of this part of southeast Indiana.

Constructed by Lawrenceburg founder Samuel C. Vance, this 1818 structure is a two-story, five bay, Late Georgian / Federal style brick and sandstone home. The National Register of Historic Places listed it in 2000. Omer Tousey owned the home later on.

Built by James Angevine around 1820 to replace an earlier cabin that a flooding Tanners Creek washed away. Native to New York City, Angevine had been a sailor before moving to Dearborn County in 1818, where he opened a grocery store. He and his wife Susan raised twelve children in this cabin. They lived in the cabin until 1834 when they built a bigger brick home higher up on the hill. The Dearborn County Historical Society purchased, moved and restored the cabin in 1985.
Dearborn County Historical Society
508 West High Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025-1916
(812) 537-4075

Dearborn Hike and Bike Trail
Dearborn Hike and Bike Trail

Dearborn County Hike and Bike Trailhead

At the western terminus of High Street you will find the eastern trail head for the Dearborn Trail. The small park includes a picnic area and public restrooms. The trail spans three river city waterfronts on the Ohio River. The trail is about 4.5 miles in total length one-way. Most of the trail is paved and it is open year round. The trail connects Greendale, Lawrenceburg and Aurora, Indiana. It begins at the intersection of East William and High Street in Greendale. Dearborn Trail ends in Lesko Park in Aurora, Indiana near Indiana State Road 56.
Lesko Park also has restrooms, picnic areas and benches.

Guilford Covered Bridge
Guilford Covered Bridge

Guilford Covered Bridge

For the next point, you must travel north on State Road 1 from its intersection with US 50 to the small town of Guilford where you will find the last covered bridge in Dearborn County.
The Guilford Covered Bridge Park is located about five miles north of the intersection Indiana State Road 1 and US Route 50. Cars are permitted to drive through the wrought iron gates, across the Guilford Covered Bridge and park in the lower lot. A small shelter house, basketball court, play equipment and bathroom are located in the central open space.

The bridge was constructed by noted bridge builder Archibald M. Kennedy & Sons of Rushville. Mr. Kennedy was hired by the County Commissioners in 1879 to construct the 101 foot long bridge spanning East Fork Tanners Creek. Because the bridge was to be torn down and replaced by a concrete bridge in 1961 the people of the county banded together to save the old structure. The populace of Guilford raised the funds needed to tear it down and move it to its current location, in the Guilford Covered Bridge Park, at the intersection of Indiana State Road 1 and York Ridge Road. An arsonist damaged the bridge in 1993, locals restored the bridge in 1997. Visitors to the park drive through the bridge as they enter the park.
Archibald Kennedy (August 25, 1818 – June 3, 1897)
A native of Guilford County, North Carolina, he was the son of E. L. Kennedy and Martha Kennedy. The family moved to Layette County, Indiana in 1818. He started working as a carpenter in 1841 and started building covered bridges as a side business in 1853. his first bridge was a two span bridge over the east fork of the Whitewater River in Franklin County. Archibald showed prowess as a bridge builder and this soon became his chief occupation. He passed the bridge building business on to his sons who in turn passed it on to their sons. The family bridge building business lasted three generations and during that time they built at least fifty-eight bridges.
Guilford Covered Bridge Park
4785 Main St, Guilford, IN 47022
Guilford, Indiana 47022

Find out more about these Indiana day trip destinations and many more by purchasing the book Southeast Indiana Day Trips. You can find it on my web site, on the Road Trip Indiana category. Just scroll down to categories, click the Road Trip Indiana Series. There are links to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play and other online book sellers. You may choose to purchase the book in ebook or softbound versions. An audio book version is available on Google Play. You can take a deeper dive into Dearborn County History by purchasing my book, A History of Dearborn County, Indiana. This book is part of my Indiana County Short History Series, also available on the web site.
You can also order the book direct from me, the author, on the web page. If you wish me to sign the book, just send me an email to requesting a signed book and instructions on how you want me to address it. Note, if you send me an email, I will add you to my contact list. Readers on the list will receive an email from me announcing when I publish a new book. If you do not want me to add you to the list, tell me and I will not add you. Listeners to this podcast that want email notification of my new releases can just send me an email requesting addition to the list. You can choose to have your name removed at any time. If you browse the web site you will find dozens of sample chapters, one for each of my books. I hope you enjoyed this podcast and thank you for listening.

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