Exploring the Ohio River

Exploring the Ohio River
Exploring the Ohio River

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Exploring the Ohio River


Large format, 8.5 X 11.5 full color format

113 pages, 243 full color photographs

Exploring the Ohio River


Indiana Road Trip Guide Book to the Ohio River


Scenic Indiana Series


The majestic Ohio River forms Indiana’s entire southern border creating a lovely subject for a road trip. Quaint river towns lie along its route, connected by the Ohio River Byway. The Byway stretches from the Mississippi River in southwestern Illinois to the Ohio River’s source in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. This book mostly follows the Indiana route, though it deviates in places to backroads that border the river. The route includes 13 counties, which are among Indiana’s oldest counties and contain some of the state’s oldest cities and towns.  Exploring the Ohio River can serve as your guide on a scenic and historic road trip along Indiana’s southern border, the great Ohio River.

Dearborn County

Ohio County

Switzerland County

Jefferson County

Clark County

Floyd County

Harrison County

Crawford County

Perry County

Spencer County

Warrick County

Vanderburg County

Posey Count


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