The Ricky Huening Stories

The Ricky Huening Stories

The ten slice of life stories in this short story collection are about a young boy growing up and coming of age during the decade of the Sixties. Some of the stories are funny, some are sad and some may just make you think. The Ricky Huening Stories are semi-autobiographical stories all based on some event in the author’s life as a boy growing up in a southern Indiana farm.



Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Hauling Out the Trash – Page 1
The Chicken House – Page 4
The Magic Swing – Page 8
The Shoe Fence – Page 11
The Time Machine – Page 15
1963 – Page 18
Clay Rockets – Page 23
Cookie – Page 27
People Are Like Peanuts – Page 30
The Crick – Page 35
About the Author – Page 41
Mossy Feet Books Catalogue – Page 107
Sample Chapters
The Hawaiian Chronicles – Our Hawaiian Adventures – Page 43
Alaskan Vacation Cruise – Day One – Anchorage – Page 48
Chapter One – The Immigrants – Page 51

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