Gardener’s Guide to the Raised Garden Bed

Gardener's Guide to the Raised Garden Bed
Spring Mill Pioneer Village

Gardener’s Guide to the Raised Garden Bed


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Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

The Gardener’s Guide to the Raised Garden Bed provides a wealth of information about growing vegetables in raised beds. The book includes chapters about building materials, siting, plant nutrients, soil amendments, irrigation, soils, composting and much more. Gardeners will find a monthly journal of garden activities to guide them along. Gardeners using row style gardens will find the information useful, as well

Raised Bed DIY Garden Construction Materials
Spring Mill Pioneer Village

Raised Bed DIY Garden Construction Materials

The book includes several materials that work well for building a raised vegetable garden bed. These include wood, concrete blocks and even galvanized livestock watering tanks. Building a raised bed garden is an easy DIY project.

Raised Bed Garden Soil

Raised Bed Garden Soil
Raised Bed Garden Soil

Raised Bed Garden Soil

Gardener’s Guide to the Raised Garden Bed includes sections on the soil to use in the raised bed and using composts, fertilizers and green manures to improve the soil helping you to grow fantastic home grown vegetables. The compost section has information on several composting methods that include worm composting, sheet composting, hot and cold composting. Soil nutrients are discussed as well, both those necessary for proper plant growth and nutrients the gardener can add to the soil.

Home Grown Vegetable Garden
Home Grown Vegetable Garden

Home Grown Vegetable Garden

Few things can beat the pride of growing your own home grown vegetables to serve on your table to family or friends. A raised bed can make your gardening easier and more productive.

Raised Bed Garden Planting Guide

The planting guide includes sections on germinating seeds, transplanting the seedlings and containers to use for seedlings. A month by month planting guide for vegetables in the garden is included as well.
Raised Bed Garden Mulches
The author discusses several different types of mulches. These include grass clippings, leaves, rotted hay, straw, newspaper and cardboard.

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Introduction to Raised Bed Gardens
Construction Materials to Build Raised Garden Beds
Choosing the Garden Site
Drip Irrigation
Garden Bed Paths
Soil for the Raised Beds
What Vegetables to Plant
Soil Preparation
Garden Soil Types – A Quick Soil Primer
Reasons to Make and Use Compost
Making Your Own Compost
Finding the Compost Pile Location
Hot and Cold Compost
Hot Compost
Cold Compost
Some Composting Tips
Compost Materials
Compost Equipment for Home Composting
Compost Activator – Jump Starter For Your Compost Pile
Compost Bins, Barrels and Enclosures
Compost Sifter
Compost Thermometer
Compost Tumbler
Compost Turner
Kitchen Compost Keeper Pail
Compost Bags and Bucket Liners
Trench Composting
Sheet Composting – Mulching
Indoor Composting
Commercial Indoor Compost Bins
Indoor Cold Composting
Use Worms To Make Your Compost – A Primer on Earthworms
What is Worm Composting?
Benefits of Vermiculture
The Life of a Worm
What to Feed the Worms
Types of Worm Compost Bins
Where To Get Your Worms and Quantity
Where To Get Your Worms and Quantity
Locating the Bin
Using The Worm Castings
Use Those Leaves – Don’t Throw Them Away
Composting With Grass Clippings
Garden Mulches
Green Manures
Soil Nutrients
Soil Amendments
Testing the Soil
Soil PH Levels
Other Digital Meters
Willamette Valley Soil Quality Card Guide
Seed Germination
Germination Made Simple
Planting Flower and Vegetable Seed Indoors
Seed Planters For The Garden
Seed Planting Guide – Annual Flowers
Seed Planting Guide – Vegetables
Seed Starting Mediums and Soil
Germination of Seeds With a Heat Mat
Seed Starting Trays – A Primer
Raised Bed Irrigation
Garden Calendar
Seed Catalogs
About the Author
Mossy Feet Books Catalogue
Sample Chapter
Gardeners Guide to Growing Vegetables

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