Sample Chapter – Reverend John Finley Crowe Founded Hanover College

A Year of Indiana History Stories - Book 2
A Year of Indiana History Stories – Book 2

Sample Chapter
A Year of Indiana History Stories – Book 2
Chapter title – January 01, 1827 – Reverend John Finley Crowe Founded Hanover College
Presbyterian Minister John Finley Crowe founded Hanover College on January 1, 1827 on the banks of the Ohio River.
John Finley Crowe (June 16, 1787 – January 17, 1860)
The son of Benjamin Crowe and Ann Gregg, John was native to Green County, Tennessee. The family moved to Bellevue, Missouri. As a young man, Crowe heard the sermons preached by Reverend Robert Montgomery Young Stevenson, Jr. The sermons influenced Crowe to become a minister. In 1809, Crowe moved to Danville, Kentucky to begin his studies, and then entered Transylvania University. He graduated in 1813. John married Esther Alexander in 1813, with whom he would have twelve children. The Crowe family moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he entered Princeton Theological Seminary. He would gain ordination as a minister in 1815. His first post was teaching at the Academy in Shelbyville, Kentucky, where he also ministered to the Fox Run and Bullskin churches. His anti-slavery sentiments forced him to move to Hanover, Indiana to the church there in 1823.
Hanover College
Crowe sensed the need for education and began his efforts to start a college in Hanover. The Presbytery granted him permission in 1825; however, Crowe could find no one to teach. Thus, on January 1, 1827, Crowe began his Academy in a log cabin with two students. Crowe served as both President and teacher. Hanover is Indiana’s oldest private college. The campus comprises 650 acres along the beautiful Ohio River. There are approximately 1000 students attending the school. Hanover College offers over 31 areas of major study. There are more than 50 student organizations, NCAA Division III athletics and active fraternities and sororities. Located along the main drive back to the college one of the most stunning views is available for the public to see. Visitors may take the scenic drive through the Hanover College campus or contact the Public Relations Office for guided campus tours.

Hanover College
Mailing Address
517 Ball Drive
Hanover, IN 47243
Street Address
484 Ball Drive
Hanover, IN 47243

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