Short History of Roads and Highways

Short History of Roads and Highways

Description: From the first rude ridgeways to the modern interstate highway, the evolution of the road is a fascinating story. Readers will learn the progression of roads from the first ridgeways, roads in the ancient world, Roman roads and the development of the revolutionary McAdam Road. American Indians developed an extensive system of trails for both trade and war. The pioneers used parts of these trails to blaze the first traces that penetrated the interior of the developing United States. Readers can also follow the progression of the United States highway system from the first named highways to the modern interstate system of roads first established in the late 1950’s.


Short History of Roads and Highways

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Introduction – Page 1
Evolution of Road Building Materials – Page 1
Historic Roads – Page 7
Native Roads and Wildlife roads in North America – Page 10
Old Pioneer Roads – Page 17
Named Highways – Page 41
The Beginnings of the United States Highway System – Page 32
The Push for Better Roads – Page 56
The Automobile – Page 61
The Modern Highway Emerges – Page 76
Classifications of Roads – Page 81
Indiana Edition – Page 88
Amerindian Trails in Indiana – Page 88
Sample Chapter – Page 107
Short History of Fire Fighting – Indiana Edition
February 29, 1920 – Hotel Mudlavia Is Destroyed By Fire

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