A History of the Transportation Revolution

A History of the Transportation Revolution

A History of the Transportation Revolution covers the history of the evolution of major modes of human transportation. The book provides interesting events in the development of walking, roads, airships, bicycles, aviation, kites, railroads, jet engines and rockets. Additional sections cover the history of canals, boats, ships and more.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Introduction – Page 1
Walking – Page 2
History of Shoes – Page 4
History of Roads – Page 8
A Short History of Boats – Page 19
A Short History of the Horse – Page 26
Development of the Wheel – Page 29
A Short History of the Wagon – Page 32
Canals – Page 35
Bicycles – Page 49
First Railways – Page 60
Development of the Steam Engine – Page 72
A Short History of Steamships – Page 81
Steam Powered Automobiles – Page 89
A Short History of the Internal Combustion Engine – Page 103
Motorcycles – Page 107
Gas powered Automobile – Page 108
Electric Powered Automobiles – Page 107
Balloon Flight – Page 122
History of Airships – Page 128
A Short History of Kites – Page 147
The Beginnings of Airplane Flight – Page 157
History of the Rocket and Rocketry – Page 169
History of the Jet Engine – Page 181
Acknowledgements – Page 184
About the Author – Page 198
Mossy Feet Books Catalogue – Page 199
Sample Chapter – Page 200
A History of the Telephone
Lover’s Phone
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