History of the Telephone

History of the Telephone

The telephone has come a long way from the primitive “Lover’s Phones” invented in 1667 to today’s sophisticated cell phone and satellite communication systems.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Telephone Etymology
Lover’s Phone
Robert Hooke
Jean-François Sudré
Semaphore Systems
Early Telegraph Systems
Charles Morrison
The First Telegraph
Samuel von Sommering’s Telegraph
Morse’s Electrical Telegraph
Innocenzo Manzetti’s “Speaking Telegraph”
First Microphone
Johann Philipp Reis’ Talking Violin
Antonio Meucc The First Telephone?
Alexander Graham Bell and the First Telephone
Elisha Gray’s Telephone
Bell Patent Association
First Long-Distance Telephone Line
Water Microphone
Pulsion Telephone
Carbon Microphone
Telephone Exchange
Sound-Powered Telephones
Early Ringers
Strowger Switch
Rotary Dial
Candlestick Telephone
First Transcontinental Telephone Call
Bell’s Model 102 Telephone
1955 – Transatlantic Telephone Cables
Push Button Telephone
Party Lines
Cellular Phone History
Electromagnetic Wave Transmission
Henrich Hertz
Nikola Tesla
Guglielmo Marconi and the First “Wireless Telegraphy” Device
Audion Vacuum Tube
Lee DeForest
Radio Act of 1912
Radio in the First World War
Automobile-Based Telephone 1920
1924 – First Two-Way, Voice-Based Radio System
1927 – Federal Radio Commission
Donald Lewis Hings Invents the Walkie Talkie
December 11, 1947 – Douglas H. Ring Publishes the First Description of a Cellular Phone Network
1947 – Transistor Invented
1946 – AT&T’s Mobile Telephone Service
Radio Common Carrier
1964 New Improved Mobile Telephone Service
April 3, 1973 – Martin Cooper Demonstrates Hand Held Telephone in Public First Time
1983 – The First Cellular Network
1G Cellular Networks
Motorola DynaTAC
2G Cellular Networks
Motorola MicroTAC
1992 First Smart Phone Invented
3G Cellular Networks
2000 – First Camera Phone Released
2007 – Steve Jobs Introduces the Apple I-phone
4G Cellular Networks
Satellite Mobile Phones
Fiber Optic Cables
Powering the Telephone
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