Short History of Libraries, Printing and Language

Short History of Libraries, Printing and Language

Short History of Libraries Readers will discover the rich history of the written language, printing, books, the alphabet, and the library. The written word is essential to modern civilization. The invention of the printing press was a major advance in the history of language, making possible the mass production of books and dissemination of knowledge.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Origin of Language
Writing Materials
Writing Instruments
History of Ink
History of Books
Library – Etymology and Definition
The First Libraries
Ancient Libraries
Greek Libraries
Roman Libraries
House of Wisdom
Libraries of the Middle Ages
Renaissance Libraries
Subscription Libraries
Private Libraries
Circulating Libraries
National Libraries
Library Company of Philadelphia
New York Society Library
Library of Congress
Carnegie Libraries
Library Associations Around The World
United States Library Associations
About the Author
Mossy Feet Books Catalogue
Sample Chapter 1
Indiana’s Timeless Tales – Pre-History to 1781
Illinoisan Glacier Boundary

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