Short History of Fire Fighting


Short History of Firefighting

Discover the fascinating history of the firefighter, fire departments and fire towers when you read the Short History of Fire Fighting. The book includes historical information on fire engines, bunker gear and other equipment needed by a fire department. The book includes an extensive listing of firefighter museums in the United States as well as section on fire towers.


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Table of Contents

Ancient Firefighting – Page 1
Roman Firefighting – Page 1
Early European – Page 3
Great Fire Of London – Page 3
London Rebuilding Acts – Page 6
First Fire Insurance Company – Page 7
Private Firefighting – Page 7
Fire Insurance Marks – Page 8
Fire Fighting United States – Page 9
October 04, 1648 – Peter Stuyvesant Establishes Americas First Volunteer Firemen – Page 9
January 7, 1698 – Fire Destroys Jamestown Virginia – Page 11
December 03, 1731 – Volunteer Fire Department Of The City Of New York Organized – Page 13
Franklin & Friends Founded The Union Fire Company – Page 14
Great Fire Of Boston – Page 16
Great New Orleans Fire – Page 17
Ben Franklin Founds First Property Insurance Company – Page 18
Firefighting Equipment – Page 19
First Fully Paid Fire Department – Cincinnati, Ohio – Page 45
Telephone Number Stickers – Page 45
911 System – Page 48
Types of Firefighters and Organization – Page 49
The Fire Lookout Tower System – Page 55
United States Fire Fighting Museums – Page 58
International Firefighter Organizations – Page 134
United States Fire Fighting Associations – Page 134
Acknowledgements – Page 142
About the Author – Page 143
Mossy Feet Books Catalogue – Page 144
Sample Chapter 1 – Page 145
A History of Time
Paul R. Wonning
Calendar – First Timekeeping Device
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