Sample Chapter – Ancient Firefighting

Short History of Fire Fighting

Sample Chapter
Short History of Fire Fighting
Chapter title – Ancient Firefighting
Ancient Firefighting
Historical evidence indicates that the first fire fighting equipment surfaced in the Egyptian city of Alexandria sometime in the Third Century BC. A Greek inventor named Ctesibius invented a water pump with which firefighters could spray water on a fire.
Ctesibius (C. 285 – 222 BC)
History knows little about Ctesibius’ origins. Tradition holds that his father was a barber in Aspondia, a site near or in the Egyptian city of Alexandria. Tradition suggests that he took up his father’s career early in life and invented a counterweight-adjustable mirror. His greatest reputation is as a mathematician, engineer and inventor. Historical lore suggests he was the founder of the Alexandrian school of mathematics and engineering and served as the head of the Museum of Alexandria. Inventions credited to Ctesibius include the water pump, water organ, an improved water clock and several types of automated machines. His force pump found use in pumping water from wells and as one of the first primitive fire fighting machines.
Firefighting did not become organized until the Romans began organizing fire brigades.

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