Short History of Public Parks

Short History of Public Parks

Early parks evolved from deer parks nobles used for hunting. United States cities constructed huge landscaped graveyards, which people used for recreational purposes. Cities next created public parks based on the cemetery concept. The desire to preserve natural areas led the establishment of the National Park System. The book includes an extensive list of US state park systems.


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Table of Contents

English Deer Parks
Landscaped Parks
The Great European Parks
La Alameda de Hércules
Princes Park
Regent’s Park
Birkenhead Park
Parliament Passes Bill Allowing Local Communities to Create Public Parks
Rural Cemeteries in the United States
Mount Auburn Cemetery
Rural Cemetery Act
Central Park
Lincoln Park
Yosemite Grant
National Park Service
Antiquities Act of 1906
Executive Orders in 1933
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
Mission 66
Wilderness Act of 1964
National Wilderness Preservation System
The Wilderness Society
Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965
Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, 1968
National Scenic Trails
Volunteers in the Parks Act of 1969
General Authorities Act, 1970
Archeological Resources Protection Act, 1979
Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, 1980
The Vail Agenda, 1992
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
National Wildlife Refuge System
State Parks in the United States
About the Author
Mossy Feet Books Catalogue
Sample Chapter
Short History of Traditional Crafts

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