Sample Chapter – Indiana Territorial Assembly Petitions Congress for Statehood

Sample Chapter
The Story of the Indiana Constitution
Chapter title – December 11, 1815 – Indiana Territorial Assembly Petitions Congress for Statehood

On December 11, 1811 the Indiana Territorial Assembly had sent a petition to Congress requesting statehood status. The Congress denied the request, stating that the territory was not yet ready for statehood.
Factions Evolved
By 1815 two political factions had evolved in Indiana, the western and the eastern factions. The western faction was led by Indiana Territorial Governor William Henry Harrison and Thomas Posey. This Vincennes based group wanted to remain at territorial status and retain the governor’s power as well as keep the limited slavery that existed in the territory. The eastern, Corydon based group, led by Jonathan Jennings, wanted statehood, establish a government with an elected governor with limited power and to abolish slavery. The Territorial Assembly met on December 11, 1815 and voted to send a petition to the United States Congress, requesting Statehood.

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