Sample Chapter- Thumbnail History of Rising Sun, Indiana

A History of Ohio County, Indiana
A History of Ohio County, Indiana

Sample Chapter- Thumbnail History of Rising Sun, Indiana

A History of Ohio County, Indiana
Thumbnail History of Rising Sun, Indiana
Official surveying crews led Benjamin Chambers and William Ludlow began the first government surveys in the region that would become Rising Sun in 1798 – 1779.
The first known settlers, the Samuel Fulton family, filtered into the Rising Sun area in 1798. Samuel Fulton was an uncle to Robert Fulton, the inventor of the steam boat.
Samuel Fulton (July 01, 1762 – January 15, 1849)
The son of John and Jane Dills Fulton, Samuel was native to Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Samuel joined a band of militia that was patrolling the area in 1778, searching for Amerindian warriors that had been in the area. While he was out patrolling, a band of warriors attached his family, capturing his father, mother, aunt and siblings. Two of his siblings were later killed. His parents and aunt survived, but suffered horribly at the hands of he Amerindians. At the end of the war, they were released and returned to settle near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Revolutionary War Soldier
Samuel enlisted in the militia and served until the end of the war. At war’s end he married Mary Huston. The couple would have one son.
Settlement At Rising Sun
In the summer of 1794 they couple departed Pennsylvania and moved west, settling in Washington County, Pennsylvania. After a stay of about two years they departed that area and voyaged down the Monongahela River to the Ohio and on to Newport, in Kentucky. Initially, they wanted to go to Lexington, Kentucky, where Fulton’s brother kept a store, however after about two years they continued down the Ohio River, eventually settling at the future site of Rising Sun in 1798. He constructed a cabin that was located about where Sixth Street is located in Rising Sun. Fulton and his wife remained at this site until their deaths. Their son, William, was born there in 1802. After their deaths they were buried in the Fulton Burying Ground near Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana.
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