Sample Chapter – 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery Regiment – Jackass Regiment

Sample Chapter
Indiana’s Role in Civil War

1st Indiana Heavy Artillery Regiment – Jackass Regiment

1st Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery
1st Indiana Heavy Artillery Regiment – Jackass Regiment

Various companies county of origins:
Company A – La Grange County, Elkhart County, Clay County, Perry County, Steuben County, and Miami County
Company B – Owen County, Hendricks County, La Porte County, Marion County, and Morgan County
Company C – Greene County, Floyd County, Vigo County, and Owen County
Company D – Sullivan County and Boone County
Company E – Putnam County, Parke County, and Clay County
Company F – Martin County
Company G – Knox County
Company H – Parke County, Montgomery County, Jay County, and Vermillion County
Company I – Clay County
Company K – Clay County, Parke County, Howard County, and Sullivan County
Company L – Marion County, Howard County, Sullivan County, Shelby County, Johnson County, Parke County, Tipton County, Jefferson County, and Morgan County

Formed as the 21st Indiana Infantry in Indianapolis, it later became the 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery Regiment. The regiment mustered on July 24, 1861 with Colonel James W. McMillan in command. The name derives from the fact that the regiment used hundreds of mules, or jackasses, to pull it train of cannon. This was the first artillery regiment from Indiana that the Army certified ready for battle. The regiment traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to join General Henry Hayes Lockwood for action on Virginia’s eastern coast. They boarded Union gunboats and sailed from Newport News, Virginia on February 23, 1862. Their mission was to assist in the capture of Forts St. Philip and Jackson at the mouth of the Mississippi River. Fort Jackson was on the west bank, Fort St. Phillip on the east. A portion of the regiment landed to the east of Fort St. Phillip and took the fort. This action played a key role in taking New Orleans. The other portion of the regiment landed in New Orleans. The regiment remained in camp in Algiers on New Orleans south side, where it managed to capture several Confederate steamers. It participated in several actions in Louisiana until February, 1863 when the regiment was transferred to artillery service, receiving as it designation the 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery Regiment. The regiment continued fighting in Louisiana until 1864 when it moved against Confederate positions during the Texas Red River campaign. The regiment mustered out on January 13, 1866, suffering 392 dead, 228 desertions and 200 missing in action.
For a detailed account of the regiment’s roster and activities, visit:

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