4/20/2023 – First Perennial in Bloom – Creeping Phlox (Phlox subulata)

4/20/2023 – First Perennial in Bloom – Creeping Phlox (Phlox subulata)
The spring bulbs have mostly faded away and the first of the perennial flowers, the creeping phlox, has begun blooming. Native to the eastern United State, creeping phlox grows wild in rocky, dry mountain outcrops. It makes a great ground cover.
Hot Bed
The hot bed is full, with 12 flats of seedlings residing inside. The seedings inside number about 864 vegetable, perennial flower, annual flower and herb plants. Serious planting outside begins in about a month, just after Mother’s Day. That is the “rule of thumb,” frost free date in this area.
Last week I harvested the mescaline mix and planted some lettuce, spinach and radish seedlings in its place. The snow peas on the west side have begun setting some pods.
In the Garden
I have the first plants in the garden, planted last week. These are under row cover, which did not seem to protect them from the frost. It is supposed to keep plants, especially the cold tolerant brassica family and peas, from frost damage. It did not, as the peas and some of the mescaline mix were “burned.” Not sure if they will recover, especially since we have a hard frost predicted this week.


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