Sample Chapter – Camping Across Indiana

Sample Chapter
Camping Across Indiana
Monday, May 23, 2022
On Monday I woke up to sunny and cool weather conditions. We used the furnace in the camper to warm it up, which it did, nicely.
Our normal traveling routine involves me going on a morning hike, eating lunch in the camper and then spending the afternoon taking in local attractions. My wife used to be an avid hiker; however, health issues have limited her ability to hike to short, easy trails. On this morning she felt like a hike early so we hiked Trail 5. This trail, 2.5 miles, is the longest in the park and is rated a moderate hike. This is a pretty trail which follows along the White River for perhaps a quarter of its length. A loop, it circles most of the park and passes the mounds and the Bronnenburg House before returning to the campground.
Afternoon Excursion
Our afternoon excursion was light, we drove down to the Madison County Visitor Center, as I wanted a map of the county. I also picked up a bit of other information. After obtaining the information I wanted we drove out to find the World’s Largest Ball of Paint.
World’s Largest Ball of Paint
We drove north on Indiana State Road 9 to Alexandria and turned west on County Road 1000 N. When County Road 1000 intersected County Road 200 E we turned right. As you drive along you will soon come to a house on the right with colorful “sun” yard signs and a house next door with a small sign by the road announcing the “World’s Largest Ball of Paint”. A large barn shaped building houses this curiosity. The man that created this monstrous paintball has been working on this thing for decades. At this time there are 27,839 coats of paint on the ball, which has been recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records. He has visitors from all over the world that come to see is ball of paint. It is massive, with steel beams and a heavy chain to support it. The Sherwin Williams paint company donated funds to house the ball in the building next to his house. The walls of the interior are covered with signatures of people that have given the ball a coat of paint. He has mounted pieces of drywall on the ceiling to create room for more signatures. There are probably 4 pieces on the ceiling with another on the wall collecting more signatures. He will move it to the ceiling when it is full. Visitors are permitted to paint a coat on the ball, there is no charge, however there is an old coffee can with a slit cut in the lid and a hand-written sign asking for donations. He has coat racks made from paint brushes hardened with dried paint on the wall for winter visitors to hang their coats. After admiring the massive paintball and engaging in conversation with its creator, we returned to Anderson to dine at a local restaurant after which we retired to the camper.
World’s Largest Ball of Paint
10696 N. 200 W.,
Alexandria, IN

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