03-21 – Planting Tomatoes, Marigolds

This would be the largest crop planting of the year with tomatoes and most of the annual flowers planted in the seed flats. Beet, carrots, peas and radish are planted in bedding packs and placed in the hot bed to germinate. All of the seedlings planted earlier are now in bedding packs and in the hot bed. Continue reading 03-21 – Planting Tomatoes, Marigolds

Sample Chapter – Ancient Gardens – Forest Gardens

The first efforts at gardening appeared in the equatorial regions of Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. No one knows when humans first started cultivating plants, however archeological evidence exists that suggests human first began choosing plants to grow to provide food around 45,000 years ago in forest gardens. These gardens were usually in tracts of land bordering rivers. A forest garden is still a forest, however it contains a large percentage of edible fruit species. Continue reading Sample Chapter – Ancient Gardens – Forest Gardens