03-21 – Planting Tomatoes, Marigolds

Planting Tomatoes, Marigolds
Planting Tomatoes, Marigolds

03-21 – Planting Tomatoes, Marigolds
This would be the largest crop planting of the year with tomatoes and most of the annual flowers planted in the seed flats. Beet, carrots, peas and radish are planted in bedding packs and placed in the hot bed to germinate. All of the seedlings planted earlier are now in bedding packs and in the hot bed.

Here are the seeds planted this week. I tend to plant small crops of lettuce, carrots, beets and radishes over a long period of time to insure a continuous harvest.
Tomato – Invincible
Tomato – Bobcat
Tomato – Celebrity
Tomato – Julliette
Brussels Sprouts – Long Island Improved
African Daisy – Giant Mixed Colors
Alyssum – Royal Carpet
Bachelor Button – Choice Mix
Black Eyed Susan – Black Eyed Susan
Convolvulus – Enchantment Mixed Colors
Coreopsis – Mardi Gras
Cosmos – Bright Lights Mixed
Gypsophilia – Convent Garden
Helichrysum – Tall Double Mix
Basil – Large Leaf Italian
Marigold – French Double Dwart Mix
Zinnia – Lilliput
Lettuce – Summertime
Lettuce – Buttercrunch
Lettuce – Victoria
Lettuce – Two Star
Lettuce – Red Sails
Lettuce – Tom Thumb
Cabbage – Katatina
Kohlrabi – Beas
Celery – Cutting
Beet – Babybeet
Radish – Cherry Belle
Spinach – Bloomsdale
Pea – Little Snow Pea White
Carrot – Rodelika
Pak Choi – Baby
Cauliflower – Early Snowball
Pea – Little Snow Pea White
Coreopsis – American Dream

Plants in the Hotbed
Plants in the Hotbed

Green House
The greenhouse construction project is behind schedule. I had hoped to have it done by now, but many of the little things that go into its construction take longer than I anticipated. I hope to have it covered this weekend and ready for the early lettuce and pea crops.

Green House Project
Green House Project

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