Sample Chapter – Factions and Parties

Sample Chapter
A Short History of United States Politics – Book 1
Chapter title – Factions and Parties

In spite of the feelings of the Founding Fathers, political parties have existed since almost the beginning of the Republic. Political scientists tend to categorize political groups into two main types of groupings, factions and parties.
In theory, a faction consists of a group of people united in a common cause that will work solely to advance their agenda. Factions are unwilling to compromise their position and will labor to gain supremacy for their agenda. In modern politics in the United States Planned Parenthood, the National Rifle Association, pro-life groups and global warming adherents are all examples of factions, or special interest groups, as they have become known.
Political Parties
Again, in theory, a political party is the union of several factions. These factions come together to form a common set of objectives under the auspices of a “party platform.” In history, the faction predates the political party by several centuries. Three main components comprise the modern political party, the voters who consider themselves as adherents to their particular party, the elected officials, including the candidates running for office and the party hierarchy, those who work for the party at some level.

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