Podcast – Indiana County Short History Series

Indiana County Short History Series

Indiana County Short History Series

From the Book:
A History of Ohio County, Indiana
Greetings, this episode includes information on my Indiana County Short History Series.

The Indiana County Short History Series includes books that relate short histories of Indiana’s 92 counties. Each book includes a short history of the county form of government, a thumbnail history of the United States, a thumbnail history of Indiana and a time line of events in the county’s history.
Additionally the books will include a thumbnail history, extended histories of any historical markers, short sketches of any buildings listed in the National Register of Historic Places as well as historic churches, schools, fire departments and a wealth of other information. Each book also includes a short biographical sketch of the county’s namesake.
Currently I have published two books in this series, A History of Dearborn County, Indiana and A History of Ohio County, Indiana. I am currently working on a history of Switzerland County.

I published A History of Dearborn County, Indiana in October 2020. Founded in 1803, it was the third county formed. Indiana Territorial Governor William Henry Harrison created the county by decree, naming it after Dr. Henry Dearborn. Settlers began filtering into the lands along the Ohio River in 1794, a year before the Treaty of Greenville officially opened it to settlement. The signing of the treaty in 1795 created a triangular section of land in current southeastern Indiana called the Gore. The Gore included all of what is now Dearborn. Parts of Switzerland, Ripley, Franklin, Wayne, Union and Randolph Counties also lay within its confines. Land sales from the Cincinnati Land Office began in 1801. The 220 page book is available in both softbound and eBook editions.

Newly published in November 2021, A History of Ohio County, Indiana follows the same general format as A History of Dearborn County, Indiana. The Indiana General Assembly created Ohio County in 1844, the third last county created. It is also Indiana’s smallest county and has the oldest continuously used county courthouse. The legislature created it to end the continued rivalry between Rising Sun and Lawrenceburg to become the County Seat. The Fulton family, related to the famous inventor of the steamboat Robert Fulton, migrated into the area that would become Rising Sun in 1798. The town became a prominent river port by the middle of the Nineteenth Century.
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